The courtyard problem over others is probably bike storage. Although not all people uses bikes or bicycles, it is still enough to occupy a large part of the yard area. Which always looks more or less untidy. By finding alternative solutions, I tried to tighten up the appearance and behavior towards bicycle parking.


To hide the bikes under a tree would be well pretty fun. So you do not have to see them from the top floors. The main objective is just to get the tree large enough and able to bear them, and partly to obscure them with a sufficiently large tree crown. And to design the iron racks a little bit extra neat. (Click any picture to advance.)


bicycle shelter



This variant, which assumes a type of bicycle racks that were on use in the 40's-50's and 60's. Used to be common at railway stations. Means that the bike is hung up in the front wheel, take up less space and is protected by a roof. Very clever, if you only manage to lift up the bike in place. Why it disappeared is a mystery. In my version, it is designed with a rail instead of only a hook making it easier to place the bike. The front wheel locks in place with a clamp to the rail. But the principle is quite similar to the older structure.

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