Sometimes the most efficient method when discussing a project could be over a piece of paper with some rough sketches or quick solutions. To get away from photographs, typesets and various different details in the execution. Partly because it is somewhat fast to do. Partly because you free yourself to become tied down by "irrelevant" concerns. You keep the flexibility and possibilities at the same time as you get an overall view of the main concerns. The sketches can help to focus the energy most effective towards the end product. It could spare many hours of more detailed work later on, as you can discuss with co-workers more easily.

Here are some quick commercial sketches that are made after some brief introductions from the clients. The directives could be somewhat well thought-out or just very brief with some summarily collected information. All the sketches shown on these pages are much older than most of the illustrations on other pages at this site. That is to protect the clients as the ideas and thoughts behind the sketches are supposed to have a longer life-span than the illustrations themselves, and some marketing tactics also are sensitive.

nike window

Different items for the shoe and clothmaker Nike, primarily meant to be used as window displays. These are being sent out to different shops and stores around the world together with some information material, which is part of a service to wholesailers and retailers.


road restaurant

To help some retailers which was concidered to have substancial improvements possible in increased ice cream sales, GB-glass estimated some specially made display materials to be of importance. As a starting point, sketches where made for them.


building site

The security at building sites can be hard to maintain at a very high level as a large number of people are working at locations that are all but even or standardized.


nike store

The important store interior is often the deciding factor for a possible buyer if he chooses to make a purchase, here and now. And that in conjunction with all the different models and makes in the store. The ability to create some sort of identity signals are vital here.


ice cream

Ice cream desserts in the form of served portions are concidered to be at a very low volume level compared to other countries. An effort to increase the demand for this kind of ice cream, where done by making sketches proposing different menus inspiring the customers.


scania exhibit

A mobile exhibition is rather convenient in many regards. If you are making trucks for a living, as Scania is, there is almost some obviousness in the fact that they also make some mobile exhibitions.


nike shoes

Some extra material that is supposed to back up and strengthen the other material, but also give information that describes the difference between various parts of the assortment. If you have a large selection, it would certainly be a good idea to explain why.


gb ice cream

Examples of different kinds of supporting material that GB-glass considered doing, with a special focus on a particular kind of retailer. Partly as a temporary and advantageous occasion, partly as a direct strengthening of the purchasing environment.


food store

A couple of different examples regarding somewhat usual subjects for sketchwork. Store interiors that will be the target for display materials and other information, and exhibitions, where you will get a good idea with the help of quick pencilsketches.


meeting point växthus

One option to try to get away from traffic dominance in our cities may well be to divert traffic routes. Which means huge problems with redemption of land and buildings, which then must be demolished. Another option is to place the road under ground.


galleria mall

The problem of efficient trade areas, favorable economic efforts and rational management can often be that this will result in large construction volumes with sparse individuality. Where the result becomes dominant neutral constructions of uniform type.


exhibitions utställningar

The centers of ancient times were often a village square. A market place, but not least, a meeting place. Besides the church, perhaps one of the few occasions to meet people. Now they have an opportunity to shop effectively outside the center. And not have to meet someone familiar.


courtyard sofas

Courtyards in older buildings are often associated with darkness and tight spaces. The available spaces are seldom generous, and the surrounding facades can be excellent craftsmanship. But a certain monotony are often present.


courtyard bicycles

There is an obvious risk for the yards to be parking lots, mostly consisting of bicycles but also other stuff. Which could easily be infringing on the other possibilities of the gardens. Some amount of planning and designing could be of utmost importance.


courtyard storage

If you have the opportunity to custom made solutions, then it would be possible to utilize the courtyard space more optimal. The ambition should concern both shelter and availability.


cultivate earth

Everyone can abuse the future.
We want to cultivate it.
Nourish it.
Do you want to cultivate the future with us?


hope and care

We understand that sometimes it can feel dark.
Therefore, we want to keep the lights on.
Now and in the future.
A sustainable society does not extinguish the hope.


fragile earth

The society is fragile.
-We make it together.
Prefer a sustainable society.
Where everyone counts.


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