Identified for this mission was first the traffic problem. A significant predominance of heavy through traffic, which divides the center with cars, traffic signs, crossings and consideration for other things than the people who reside in the environment. And also, the void after the old wooden buildings that used to be a tangible and important part of the identity for Örnsköldsvik. A town mostly built from forest culture and sawmills. They needed to make room for both services, but also more efficient retail areas in the first place. Then, there were perhaps a notion of "modernity". Wooden buildings needed maintenance and was simply in the way, for progress. The result was a series of very neutral, architecturally bland houses, without character. Often built with a complete lack of craftsmanship, material considerations or details. Thus, any value that lies "between" the purely economic or functional. That creates a balance or counterweight to trade and business, the obvious needs and common duties.

That is why a conglomerate of people in Örnsköldsvik asked for help with some independent ideas that could provide some perspective on the opportunities and possibilities. Without any ambition to assign direct architectural guidelines. But to point out creative options and ideas to meet the obvious problems.

ovik to north

Decking over and digging down the through traffic gives of course a possibility to link the center in a more tangible way. By filling the space with large buildings and many square meters of commercial or housing space however, will make other values vanish.

ovik mall

Combining the large volume with small-scale does not sound like a naturally easy option. The large volumes which are giving effective management, while the relative small scale usually provides a pleasant atmosphere. And of course it is also important to have the right choice of material.


ovik to north 2

Low intensity traffic, bike friendliness and not least meeting points beyond the purely commercial mandate a city center offers, giving contrast to the peripheral and large-scale shopping mall that now always threatens to compete with the town.


ovik to south

Large monolithic blocks of rectangular buildings tightly pressed together in a linear grid is often an effective way to create square feet of lucrative rental income. The opposite is usually effective if you want to achieve a small town comfort.

ovik mallfront

Details of the facade work, and at times hand-made building elements can be without significant costs to create immediate value. Specific design can refer back to traditional solutions if it reinforces the aim to identify or strengthen the positive atmosphere.

ovik playground

Different types of simple activities that are beyond the obvious for a city center, gives a sense of bounty and generosity. And also giving the smaller visitors something to do, may have many beneficial effects. Although not immideately measurable.


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