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definite justice pleaselooking for speedfire eyesfire top


black and whiteleaves leavingthinking coolking of lithuania


maybe smart or stupidintenseinner beautyno messing


plain and nicerevenge maybehorror in the eyesstressed for less


youngmanculture manmacho manprofile man


odd couplefocused faceangry faceslightly manic


womanlikefocused facelightedlikesurpriselike




distancedanalyzingstand incontrolling


reluctant angermaybe angerfullblown angerslight anger


heromaybeskinny guy againwhat is thisalmost upset


future and nowridicously angryface in fearlike modeold blue men


young manunease mancasual menscarred of nature


lit by lightstaring straighthappy face notalmost sick


mystic herobleak faceslittle boy lineupinkface


staffetnofaceshadows castedyou and me also we


ordinary notconcerned and engagedcroquiscroquis again


slightly odd mansome attitudeslite oroligprofilfigur


is it angst menschmysliraretotalHerohexylike


control and knowingred times threecameraderi likeskullhead again


once more morbidbehind coverlarge head or small hatquick hero


seriously humana little odd kindgoggles for actionold time low tech hero


goulish strangehedweird strangerstrong and lonelyscience fiction guys


one or twolooking to youhunter the huntedalone in the crowd


not signalingnot chauvanisticnot greedynot sceptical


particularily rightnot wrong at alldetermined to do it, almostopportunity just this minute


act natural, he's crazyprobably a heroout of the shadowsare those glasses?


she is highly alerthe is observanthappy, only happylistening, be sure of that


plottingadjustingabsolutely coolin all situations, your man a moment..a mission or amuseself containedfrom somewhere


everytimeat thr right timesometimenever


at mondaymaybe tuesdayprobably wednesdaythursday at earliest


zip zap black snapink explosionfast inkthin lines


slow paceeven cooler guysnon-quick guyjungle bungle


your repmm breakfast.. eggsteady nowso simple




at a new placeattitude and hormonestired of it somehowstraight at it again


maybe too tighturqwhere are my glassespolished

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